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General Program FAQ

Do I have to have my own start-up or project?

No. You don’t have to have any start-up or project. The program focuses on you working with an existing start-up and learning with the program summer classes.

Do I need to be a student?

Yes, but fresh graduate students (including Master students) are eligible to the program as well. If you finish you Master or Bachelor degree in june 2013, you are eligible to apply for The Startup Scholarship.

Do I need to be studying management or any field connected to business?

No. The program is open to any student from any field. Internship projects can cover business, design, engineering or any other field that our partner start-ups view as a need, so any student can apply.

Do I need to complete / attend the 9 weeks of the program?

Yes. The program requires selected scholars to attend the 9 weeks, both of the internship as well as the program summer classes. Participants who fail to attend any of the weeks, will not be recognized as having attended The Startup Scholarship program.

Will I work on weekends?

No. Both the internship and the program summer classes will run during the week.

In what language will this program happen?

The summer classes program will be fully taught in English. Since the program is open for international students, the internship can be performed in english (if you are international applicant) or in portuguese (if you are a portuguese applicant). Organization events and visits will be offered both in english and portuguese, but we will work to organize as many as possible in english.

Do I get a diploma or University credits in the end of the program?

The program team will be working hard to get Universities to recognize the participation in the program. In the end of the program, you will receive a certification of participation as a Startup Scholar from The Startup Scholarship.

Are there any costs or payments to apply or participate in the program?

The program application and participation is free of charge. The 9-week program will have no costs for selected scholars. In order to motivate the invited applicants not to drop the program after they were selected (specially near the program beginning, when it can be hard to replace applications), The Startup Scholarship will ask a symbolic fee which will be fully returned on the first day of the program. The fee is still to be set.

What will be the duration and dates of the program?

The program will run for 9 weeks, starting on the 1st of July 2013 and ending on the 30th of August 2013. Before and after the event there might be a kick-off and closing events. The internship will run during the full 9 weeks, and the summer classes program is scheduled to run for 8 weeks, although it might suffer alterations.

When will I know if I was accepted?

The dates are still to be defined, it will be communicated through our channels. To know in first hand, start a pre-application.

Internship and Startup FAQs

Is the internship paid?

No. The internship offered during The Startup Scholarship is not paid, since it is integrated in the full program.

Can I choose the start-up where I will do my internship?

No, but during the application stage, we will ask prefered areas, as well as roles and previous experiences, and we will match, as best as possible, your interests with our partner start-ups.

Will I know before what I will be doing or what area I will be working?

As soon as you pass the first application stage, you will know which start-ups you will be interviewing for, as well as the respective roles and project descriptions. Only when the Program communicates to selected fellows their acceptance they will know the final start-up as well as the project they will perform. During the interview stage, the applicant is free to express any project of greater or less interest, and we will consider that during the selection process.

Is this a full time internship or part-time?

This is still to be defined with the partner Startups. Considering the program integrates a summer classes experience, The Startup Scholarship team will consider that when defining the internship projects with Startups.

Do I need to stay in the start-up after the program ends?

No, your internship contract is valid during the program timeline. Any relationship with the referred Startup or any party involved with The Startup Scholarship is outside the program’s scope.

Will I be employed in the future by the start-up I interned during the program?

Not necessarily although internships are very efficient forms of recruitment. This is a decision that is tied to the start-ups and their needs of longer term employment.

Will I work during the weekend?


Summer Classes FAQs

Where will the classes of the summer program occur?

Classes will be hosted at our partner universities. More details about this topic will be released soon.

Do I need to pay anything to attend the program’s summer classes?

No. The program summer classes is free and integrated in The Startup Scholarship program.

Do I need to attend the summer classes, if I just want the internship?

Yes, you need to attend both the summer classes as well as the internship. Only the community immersion program is optional to attend, but highly recommended. Selected participants are enrolling in a program that incorporates all modules, and to graduate from the Summer Fellowship program, you are required to attend mandatory modules.

Are all classes mandatory?

Yes, all classes are mandatory to graduate from the program. Summer Fellows who are required to miss a class are asked a valid reason, and not more than 2 classes can be missed with valid reason.

How many classes will I have per week?

This information is still being discussed and will be released soon. We will balance the incorporation of the summer classes program with the internship experience.

Do I need to learn anything before attending the program’s summer classes?

No. The summer classes program is supposed to be a crash course into entrepreneurship and available for any student, no matter their background and knowledge.

My University awards special credits for summer classes attendance, will this program be recognized by my University?

Our team is working hard to make this program compliant and accepted by Universities at national level. If you are thinking of applying and want us to talk to your University, send an email to

Organizations and Community FAQs

Do I have to pay anything to attend the events organized by the Kairos Society Portugal and it’s partners?

No, unless the event itself has a specific fee. The program team will work as hard as possible to have exclusive access with event organizers

Is it mandatory to participate in the organized events and sessions?

No. This is the only optional module, but highly recommended, since networking and connections is a great part of the Startup success. The community immersion is a great effort from The Startup Scholarship and strongly suggested to take the most out of it.

If you have any other questions, please talk to us at

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